Old Fort Wildlife Control doesn’t have a fixed price for removals since each job is different. Most jobs range from $160 – $350 and take 7-10 days. If multiple animals or other difficulties, it may take a few weeks. Mole and gopher removal may take a month or more if moles from the neighbors are coming into the yard too.

In most cases, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the traps although we make it very easy and safe. If no catches in a couple of days, a no-charge visit is done to move traps or figure out what’s going on.

To keep prices low, all animals are picked up in the afternoon instead of making one-way trips all day.

Basic pricing:

Inspection fee (may include setting traps and includes minor repairs when finished) $95
Per animal fee (may give discounts for multiple animals on the same visit) $65
Hourly labor rate (for repairs and where the per animal fee isn’t applicable ex: bats) $65
One-time dead animal removal and disposal $125
Mileage fee (may apply outside of Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood) $1/mile
Special materials cost (whatever they cost at the hardware store ex: hardware cloth, patio blocks, vizqueen, etc) ??

Sample typical job of skunk in crawl space:

  • Monday site inspection and set traps – $95
  • Tuesday 1 skunk, reset traps – $65
  • Wednesday traps empty
  • Thursday 1 opossum, reset traps – $65
  • Friday traps empty
  • Saturday traps empty, fill and block tunnel with patio block, job finished, cost = $225