General Information

Do you charge for your nuisance wildlife and trapping services?

Yes, for removal of most species we charge an inspection/setup fee then a per animal fee. For general labor we charge an hourly rate. We are not a part of or paid by any city, state or federal government agency.

Do you do attic insulation work?

No, we only do animal removal, we don’t sell attic refurbishing services. Attic insulation damage usually consists of feces and urine in the insulation. Bats are the worst, raccoons are next although they usually go in the same spot, squirrels are least as far as feces/urine damage. We can do minor cleanups. In case of extreme damage, we will take pictures if you are not able to access the attic, and you can decide whether or not to hire a professional attic insulation company. Beware of companies that use an animal as an excuse for reinsulating an entire attic. Get second opinions.

Do you do roofing, attic insulation or carpentry work?

No, we only do nuisance wildlife removal. After animals are removed, we will seal up entry/exit points to make sure the problem doesn’t repeat. We may do minor repairs depending on materials and expertise needed. If damage is severe, an experienced carpenter, roofer or painter may be needed to do the repairs.

I found an injured bird/rabbit/other wildlife, what do I do?

In most cases, it’s best to leave it alone, or safely and quickly dispatch it. Wildlife does not understand that you are there to help and will defend itself. Injuries may also be from disease. If you are willing to foot the bill and do all the rehab, a veterinarian may be able to help the animal. In case of endangered or protected species, contact US Fish and Wildlife Service or Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

What areas do you service?

Sebastian and Crawford Counties in West-Central Arkansas. Cities include Fort Smith, Barling, Lavaca, Greenwood, Booneville, Hackett, Mansfield, Van Buren, Alma and Mulberry. In special circumstances we may also be able to travel to Washington, Logan and Scott counties for Fayetteville, Ozark, Paris and Waldron residents.

We are not licensed to do nuisance control work in Oklahoma.

Diseases and Health Concerns

What can people do to protect themselves from Rabies?
  • Vaccinate all dogs and cats against rabies.
  • Do not feed, touch or adopt wild animals.
  • Keep family pets indoors at night.
  • Bat-proof your home or summer camp in the fall or winter.
  • The majority of human rabies cases are caused by bat bites. Bat bites are so small, many people never realize they are bitten. Inform your physician if a bat is in the room with a child or sleeping person. If possible, submit the bat for testing. Do not release it!
  • Encourage children to immediately tell an adult if any animal bites them.

Report all animal bites or contact with wild animals to your county health unit. Do not let any animal escape that has possibly exposed someone to rabies. Depending on the species, an animal can be observed or tested for rabies in order to avoid the need for rabies treatment.


What is Rabies?

Rabies is a virus that attacks the nervous system and is nearly always fatal. Only a handful of people throughout the world have ever survived a rabies infection.

Rabies is most often seen in skunks and bats in Arkansas, but other wild animals can transmit rabies. Cats, dogs, ferrets and livestock can also develop rabies, especially if they are not vaccinated.

For more information visit our Rabies page