Wildlife has particular seasons and times of activity, below is a general idea of when wildlife problems may occur.


  • Cold weather and lack of food will have most animals just going about their daily business trying to make a living


  • Skunk mating season, males are roaming the countryside looking for girlfriends. If a female is nearby she will attract every male in the near vicinity.


  • Mating season for most other wildlife that has their kits/cubs in the spring
  • Female raccoons may be exploring attics looking for a good nesting place


  • Moles and gophers may reappear with warmer weather
  • Female raccoons still looking for attic nests or may have already found them


  • Females start having their offspring, if in your attic you may start hearing noises, this includes bats
  • Moles and gopher activity is picking up and will continue thru Oct/Nov


  • Newly born wildlife starting to move around more; noise in attics may really pickup
  • Bat maternity season is in full swing; messing with bats at this time is highly discouraged because the young will die without mom’s support


  • Bat maternity season coming to an end, exclusions can begin towards the end of the month
  • Most other wildlife slowing down a bit due to hot weather, except moles and gophers
  • Long days give animals plenty of time to sleep, nocturnal animals only have 6-8 hrs to find food and water after dark


  • Still hot and animals going about their daily business
  • Bat activity may pick up due to young being able to leave with the rest of the colony at night
  • Attics are very hot. Bats like the heat, raccoons don’t mind it if they can find a cool spot near fresh air, squirrels will usually vacate to a tree by now


  • Teenage beavers are kicked out of the house to go upstream or downstream and find a home and mate
  • Animals sense that fall is coming so activity may pick up a bit


  • Animals know winter is near and activity may pickup for fattening up and finding good shelter
  • Mole and gopher activity coming to a close


  • Mole and gopher activity shuts down with freezing weather and food source going deeper underground
  • Beaver activity really picks up with caching a supply of food for winter
  • Freezing weather may kick the squirrels in gear to realize that attics are a warmer place to be


  • Most animals should be set for winter shelter by now and are going about their daily business of finding food and water