Do you do attic insulation work?

No, we only do animal removal, we don’t sell attic refurbishing services. Attic insulation damage usually consists of feces and urine in the insulation. Bats are the worst, raccoons are next although they usually go in the same spot, squirrels … Read More

Do you do roofing, attic insulation or carpentry work?

No, we only do nuisance wildlife removal. After animals are removed, we will seal up entry/exit points to make sure the problem doesn’t repeat. We may do minor repairs depending on materials and expertise needed. If damage is severe, an … Read More

What areas do you service?

Sebastian and Crawford Counties in West-Central Arkansas. Cities include Fort Smith, Barling, Lavaca, Greenwood, Booneville, Hackett, Mansfield, Van Buren, Alma and Mulberry. In special circumstances we may also be able to travel to Washington, Logan and Scott counties for Fayetteville, … Read More