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Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels living in trees around a property are not a problem until they chew holes in the siding and move into the attic. They may make running and jumping noises at odd hours, and chew on boards and wiring.

We can remove squirrels from your attic using exclusion, where they can get out but not back in, or by trapping and relocating.


Squirrels are members of the rodent family and mostly live in hardwood trees. In our area, there are small gray squirrels and the larger red fox squirrel.

A squirrel is a medium-sized rodent, 10-15 inches long with another 6-10 inches of furry tail. Squirrels in our area are either the smaller gray squirrel (gray in color) or the larger fox squirrel (reddish-brown or orange/brown/grey in color). The squirrel spends most of its time in trees although does come to the ground for traveling or looking for food. Squirrels are most active during the daytime in the early morning or late afternoon. Their primary food source is acorns and tree nuts.

Squirrels may chew holes in siding to get into an attic. Eventually smaller animals like mice and rats may find the holes and larger animals like raccoons.

Removal Method

Squirrels are caught by mounting small cage traps at the entry/exit to the attic. No bait is used, they will be caught when they are coming and going. Since it’s impossible to catch every squirrel in the neighborhood, the goal is to verify that no squirrels are in the attic so repairs can be done. If squirrels are caught, the trap is replaced with an empty one. Once no squirrels are being caught and no noises are being heard, traps are removed and repairs are done.