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Mole Trapping

Are moles tearing up your yard and landscaping with tunnels and dirt mounds?

Mole trapping and removal is available from April-November. A typical yard may have 2-6 moles.


A mole is a mouse-sized mammal that lives underground. It has grey or brown fur, a short tail, large front paws for digging and small back legs for moving. It lives on a carnivore diet eating mostly earthworms then grubs and other insects. It has eyes but are mostly useless since it lives in darkness. Moles have a very good sense of smell for locating their food, When a good food source is found, like a yard with lots of worms, a tunnel complex is built for sleeping, eating, and traveling.

While searching for food, moles make golf ball size tunnels slightly underground leaving an unsightly trail of raised earth. Moles can also make dirt piles on the surface, from baseball to basketball-sized, which are the excavations of a tunnel system that cannot be seen from the surface.

In winter, moles follow their food source deep underground and cannot be caught except on a streak of warm days.

Removal Method

Small, lethal traps are used inside the most active tunnels, safe from kids, pets, and mowing equipment. Traps are checked every few days and moved as needed. As moles are caught, mounds are cleaned up and tunnels are smashed. Severe damage may require heavy equipment like a riding mower to smash the tunnels. When damage stops, traps are removed.