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Skunk Trapping

Skunk living under the house, an out-building, or in the yard? That awful smell gives them away every time. Besides the smell, skunks may also dig in the lawn and landscaping searching for food.

Old Fort Wildlife Control can safely trap the skunks and remove them from the property.


A striped skunk is a house-cat-sized mammal with black fur and an unmistakable white strip or V from head to tail. The skunk uses an extremely noxious odor as a defense mechanism. Skunks are nocturnal rarely seen during the daytime. Skunks are burrowing animals so drawn to crawl spaces and under outbuildings. It is common for several skunks to den together which contributes to the higher rate of rabies than other animals.

Skunk mating season starts mid-late February so males are roaming around looking for females. If a female is living on or close to your property, she will attract all the males in the vicinity.

Removal Method

OFWC uses cage traps to safely catch and remove skunks without additional odor. Once they are all removed, repairs can be done to make sure another skunk doesn’t move in.