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Armadillo Trapping

Armadillos are an invasive species that can cause damage to lawns and landscaping when they are digging for insects to eat, and when they dig dens against foundations, in the yard, and in flower beds. These dens make excellent homes for other nuisance species if the armadillo abandons the den.


The armadillo is a barrel-shaped mostly nocturnal animal with a leathery armored shell, a thin pointy head, and long claws for digging. Usually 24 -30 inches nose to tail and weighs 8-12 lbs. The armadillo is nocturnal although can sometimes be seen during daylight. Its food source is earthworms, grubs, and yard insects, the same food source as moles and skunks.

An armadillo will dig golf-ball-size or smaller holes in the lawn looking for food. It may also dig a large burrow against the house foundation, behind air conditioning units, under landscaping bushes, or anywhere the dirt is soft and free of rocks.

Removal Method

Cage traps are used to catch armadillos. There is no effective bait for armadillos so traps are placed in travel ways or at burrows. After the armadillo is removed we will locate the den (if on the property) and fill it in to discourage other animals from moving in.