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Raccoon Trapping

Raccoons living in the attic, eating your pets food, or being a nuisance on the property?

Old Fort Wildlife Control can remove the raccoons from the property, seal the entry/exit points, and clean up the mess in the attic.


A raccoon is a small dog-sized mammal with gray/black/silver fur, a black and brown striped tail, and a white face with a black mask over the eyes and nose, At 16-30 in long and 10-40 lbs, it is very agile with front paws as far as carrying and opening things. Raccoons are usually found near water.


Cage traps are used to catch raccoons where they are causing damage. Raccoons may run in groups so multiple traps may be used around the property. Extra care must be used when setting the traps as raccoons are sometimes hesitant to go in a cage trap.

For females with cubs in an attic, subtle harassment and other deterrents are used to convince mom to take herself and the kids elsewhere. In most cases, cage traps should not be used since the cubs would die without mom, causing a mess in the attic and she will have them hidden very well.

In areas with a high raccoon population, it’s recommended to do trapping and removal in late winter before the females start building nests.

Once the raccoons are removed, repairs can be done so others don’t move in anytime soon.